Virtual Innovation Analytics Academy (Summer 2022 Series)

Business Opportunities and Insights from Patent Analytics

(6 topics, 6 sessions in 6 weeks)

Summer 2022 

Live Online Training (paid)

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In times of crisis, such as during the current Covid-19 pandemic, and increased international competition, the need to innovate and generate returns from R&D investments has become increasingly important for firms across many industries. However, data to make decisive strategic decisions are often scarce or non-existent.

In this novel Virtual Innovation Analytics Academy Series - 'Business Opportunities and Insights from Patent Analytics', we show how patent data and patent analytics may be used to gain unparalleled insights into the innovative activities of incumbent firms as well as young startups with disruptive technological solutions. Learn how and why patent data is the most objective and comprehensive data source available to assess innovation activities and R&D outcomes, learn how to assess and adjust your own portfolio, benchmark yourself to the competition, and how to identify recent trends in cutting-edge technologies.

Course Schedule

Session 1

Introduction to Intellectual Property and Patents for Strategic Decision-Makers, Innovation Managers, and R&D Analysts

Summer 2022

Session 2

Benchmarking Clients’ and their Competitors’ Patent Portfolios to augment your Business Opportunitie

Summer 2022

Session 3 Patent Portfolio Management and Annuity Fees Calculations to Foster Clients’ Licensing and Sales Opportunities

Summer 2022

Session 4 M&A Analytics to Assess Future Knowledge Flows, Changing Filing Incentives, and Post-Merger Competition

Summer 2022

Session 5 Trend Scouting to Spot New Entrants, Disruptors, Novel Technologies, and Business Model Risks Early-On

Summer 2022

Session 6 Conducting, Preparing, and Interpreting Innovation Insights

Summer 2022


















Price and Series Offer

Price per session per person: $ 300/ € 270

  • 4 sessions booked together: $1200 $1000 (save $200)
  • 5 sessions booked together: $1500 $1100 (save $400)
  • All 6 sessions booked together: $1800 $1200 (save $600)

Advantages of joining the online Innovation Analytics Academy

  • Fully online sessions - No need to travel or worry about exposure
  • Ask questions and interact with and learn more about patent analytics directly from experts.
  • Learn useful skills to improve your organizations response to increasing challenges

Innovation Analytics Academy

Summer 2022

Live Online Sessions

Please Note: This is a paid course comprising multiple sessions covering various topics. Price and offer details are explained above.

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