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Why innovation analytics based on patents?

Patents as a proxy for innovation

There is a strong link between innovations, patents and technologies. Innovations are the commercialization of inventions, i.e. novel technological solutions. To allow for their appropriation, intellectual property regimes such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets are used to protect different parts of firms’ proprietary knowledge. Among these, patents serve as temporary exclusive rights that allow their owners to exclude others from making, buying, or selling products and services that are based on the patent-protected inventions.

Further, patents are the predominant intellectual property right, as they protect functions and studies show that about 80 percent of all inventions are patent protected. To top it all off, patent data is publicly available from patent offices, which makes it a trustworthy source of innovation information.

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Advantages of joining Innovation Analytics Academy sessions

Invaluable knowledge

Invaluable Knowledge

With our multi-level education system, you can steadily increase your knowledge and experience in the fields of patent analytics, business value creation via patents, patent strategies, and more.

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Recognized experts

Recognized Experts

The Innovation Analytics Academy partners with a range of acknowledged patent specialists, ranging from academic speakers to leading technology company representatives, and PatentSight experts.

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Customized trainings

Customized Trainings

Choose among various modes, locations (currently only online sessions are offered, on account of COVID-19 travel restrictions), and topics. Courses on various levels are available for everyone regardless of your previous knowledge and experience. Contact us to learn more.

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Upskill Yourself and Stay Ahead of the Curve!

User Meeting Training 2023

Bonn, Germany - September 21, 2023

Learn from our Academy trainers and share results with other PatentSight users in a workshop environment. We will cover both best practices for search in PatentSight, leveraging analytics to improve results, and building on this foundation uncover insights leveraging powerful and flexible citation analysis in PatentSight. ISO-certified and compliant with German “educational leave” (Bildungsurlaub)

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“Everything from the instructors, the delivery and the content to the breakout session was all well-thought out and conveyed clearly”

Dr. Sheena Zuberi
Cambridge Display Technology

“Competent, professional and nice trainers. Susann, Carsten, you did it great!”

PatentSight Academy Switzerland Participant

Upcoming Academy Training Sessions

Business Opportunities and Insights from Patent Analytics 

Online Training Sessions

User Meeting Training 

September 21, 2023 | Bonn, Germany - Following the European User Meeting (September 20, 2023).  More information to follow soon.


Who Should Attend

The Innovation Analytics Academy is designed for anyone interested in patent analytics and the Business Intelligence Analytics Software.

This is a good opportunity for:

  • Patent professionals and analysts
  • Intellectual property managers
  • Patent office representatives
  • Patent attorneys
  • Researchers

Why Attend

With our multi-level educational system, we adapt our methods to meet different levels of experience and prior knowledge.

Use this opportunity to:

  • Increase your knowledge in patent analytics
  • Operate the Business Intelligence Analytics Software
  • Interpret the patent analytics' results
  • Network with other patent professionals
  • Boost your career with customized training

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